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Guest Messages

Guest Messages can be a great addition to your wedding film. Hilarious and moving in equal parts, think of it as a video guest book. We never grab people or force a mic on them, we set up in an area and let your guests come to us when they want to, either individually or in groups. Often we have a large line waiting and people can't wait to leave a message to wish the happy couple luck and thanks for inviting them to the big day. We use a professional wireless handheld mic to record the sound, so we are able to film the messages in any location during your drinks reception.


When finished and edited the messages are usually added to your USB as a separate film or special feature, Of course, if you prefer the messages can be incorporated into your film and highlights too. 


You can see below a selection of guest messages from a recent wedding. Of course if you have any questions or would like to know more about the process, please do get in touch.

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