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Wedding Supplier Q&A: Wedition


We first met Liz at a wedding open day at Farnham Castle where we are both recommended suppliers, and we were intrigued by her novel idea. Liz is the founder of Wedition, a unique concept within the wedding industry that we had not come across before. Liz creates personalised wedding magazines that couples give to their guests on the day of their wedding, a bit like you would with a favour. We love filming your day and capturing it in a timeless way for you to re-live again and again, this is also very much in line with what Wedition is all about.

We thought it would be fun to interview Liz and find out more about Wedition!

Wedition Wedding Videographer

Tell us a bit more about Wedition

Here at Wedition we re-create your wedding journey and tell your story in a fun way that guests will delight in time and time again, in a similar way to how you will watch your wedding video many times, Wedition is something you and your guests will read over and over again. Each Wedition is created to fit seamlessly in with my couple’s colour scheme and wedding theme. They can use it to showcase the details of their day, to introducing their wedding party, telling the story of their proposal and including fun activity pages such as camera eye spy, wedding speech bingo and a table quiz.

Wedition Wedding Video

Tell us something we don’t know about Wedition

I love the look of delight on my couples' faces when I suggest to them that they can post Wedition to friends and family who are unable to make it to the wedding. This is sometimes an area where couples really struggle, they may feel sad and helpless that a beloved family member cannot make it to the wedding because perhaps they are too elderly to travel. If Wedition is posted to them, and arrives the same day as the wedding, then this is a great way to be sure that everyone is involved in the day whether they are present or not. On a similar note, Wedition is a beautiful way to remember loved ones who have passed, couples often choose to include a page with photographs alongside a poem or special message.

Wedition stationary

What’s the process?

Wherever possible, I love to meet my couples face-to-face. I start off by giving my couples a little welcome gift, to thank them for being my customer. We will have a Discovery Session, this is often held at the Aviator in Farnborough but I can meet them at a meaningful location, such as the place of their first date, the proposal location, their home or wedding venue. This is the chance for them to re-live their story, from the moment they met, right up until the present day. I will then be able to show them different styles of Wedition and suggest which articles may be most suited to them. I will then start re-creating their story and designing their very own Wedition. They will receive hard copy proofs in the post, each one coming in a beautiful presentation box. The final order will arrive around 2 weeks before their wedding, again in a lovely box. I’ve purposefully had this keepsake box designed in such a way that my couples can re-use it to store special memories of their day, perhaps they’ll keep their W4 wedding film in there alongside a copy of their Wedition, confetti from the day and the wedding cards from their guests! All creative writing, graphic design, postage and packaging is included in the package prices.

Wedition example book

Get in touch with Wedition

Phone: 01483 677 987



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