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Full Wedding Films

Short-Form and Traditional edits


The standard and most popular format for our wedding films is the 'short-form' edit. This is on average a 15-25 minute cinematic film, showing all the highlights from the day, set to your own choice of music. We then give you the full ceremony, speeches and first dance as special features on your USB. So depending on the length of your day, you will have around 40-140 minutes of professionally edited footage footage when you combine the main cinematic wedding film and also the full ceremony and speeches.


The short-form edit is a beautiful and creative way to showcase your wedding day, as we can include audio from your vows and speeches throughout, really giving a feel for the day. Because we don't stick to a strict chronological time line we can also occasionally take moments from different events during the day to maximise the story telling and the overall emotion of the day. This is often known as 'time-shifting', so for example the film may be focusing on the wedding vows and as the audio from this continues to play the footage may now move to shots taken later in the day perhaps of your couples photos or signing of the register. 


We can also present your film in a 'traditional edit', the average length of a wedding video in this style is anywhere from 40-140 minutes, of which the main service and speeches will make up most of the running time. The traditional edit includes the same footage as a short-form film, again with your own music, however, it is edited in a much more chronological style and includes the full ceremony, speeches and first dance within the film.


The 'short-form' edit is standard with all our films, however, both edits are available for any package and we do not charge extra for either style.


Please see an example below of a short-form wedding film (based on a 'First Dance' package) from W4 Wedding Films.

The beautiful wedding of Karen and Cormac. With a wedding at the stunning St Michael's Abbey in Farnborough and a reception at Ramster Hall in Chiddingfold.

For Mac and PC users with a fast connection, you can also view these wedding films in 1080p Full HD here.

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