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Hampton Court Palace

We are proud to be wedding videographers at Hampton Court Palace in East Molesey Surrey. This is a location that needs no introduction and is known throughout the world, it truly is a spectacular wedding venue.


The architecture, over 60 acres of stunning gardens and impressive interiors means that you are guaranteed a jaw dropping backdrop wherever you are. The palace can accommodate large, lavish weddings and also more intimate family weddings without feeling overwhelmed. 


The most common rooms used for ceremonies are the Garden Room, Great Hall and Banqueting House. The large Garden Room can hold up to 150 guests and the Great Hall holds 200 of your friends and family. Banqueting House is perfect for smaller weddings and holds up to 50 guests.


The most grand room to hold your reception in is of course the Great Hall. It is the last remaining medieval hall in England which adds to the splendour and uniqueness of holding your big day in this most wonderful of locations.


This Palace has over 500 years of history and has been witness to countless moments in history as well as being home to some of the most famous people in history, including, of course, Henry VIII.


Hampton Court Palace has won multiple awards for weddings, including ‘Best Wedding Venue’ in ‘Perfect Wedding’ magazine.


If you are interested in knowing any more about wedding videography at Hampton Court Palace, please do get in touch.

Contact details:

Molesey, East Molesey KT8 9AU



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