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A Beaumont Estate Wedding Video

One of our favourite venues in Berkshire

Drone shot of Beaumont Estate in Windsor

Beaumont Estate in Windsor is a stunning venue for a luxury wedding and we are very lucky to be their recommended videographers.

One of the most memorable rooms in the venue is the Chapel, this is where most wedding breakfasts take place and is a truly breathtaking space to share with family and friends. Built in 1870 the Chapel boasts a very ornate painted ceiling and a remarkable stained glass window which floods the room with coloured light during the day.

We thought that we would put together a short montage of some recent weddings which highlight this impressive venue. In particular we think couples will be very impressed with where the wedding breakfast takes place.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about our wedding films at Beaumont Estate or any other venue.

photo of the chapel at beaumont estate in windsor set up for a wedding


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