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Wasing Park Wedding Video | W4 Wedding Films

As regular wedding videographers at Wasing Park in Berkshire, we would like to take a moment to write about this amazing venue. With lots of options for your ceremony, including the small church, outdoor pagoda and the Garden Room, there are lots of ways you can tailor your day to make it your own. We’ve put together some highlights of our favourite moments from Wasing Park weddings, including Jake’s reaction to seeing his bride Kim for the first time, flower girls playing on the ground with the resident ginger cat, and lots of dancing the night away in the barn late into the evening. From preparations in the morning to the late night party, everything happens all within the various spaces that Wasing Park has to offer, and we can be there to capture all these parts of the day in a discreet and unobtrusive manner.

You can read more about the venue on our dedicated Wasing Park wedding page. Our montage features some joyous moments, as well as showing the different decor that couples

have chosen for their big day at this unique venue.

Of course if you have any questions about wedding videography at Wasing Park, please do get in touch.

Wasing Park Wedding Videographer


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