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Wedding Videographers and Wedding Content Creators: What’s the difference?

When couples plan a wedding it is an exciting and memorable journey and capturing the precious moments is usually high on the list of importance when booking suppliers.

When it comes to capturing your special day on video, couples have two main options, they can choose a wedding videographer or enlist the services of a wedding content creator. Both options capture those important wedding memories but they offer distinct approaches and services.

The style of capturing the day that a couple chooses is entirely a personal approach and we have set below a few examples of the similarities and differences of both options.

couple at sunset at danesfield house wedding venue

Focus and style:

A wedding videographer creates a cinematic film that focuses on capturing the events of the day with plenty of candid and natural moments . They use high-quality cameras and equipment to produce a polished and professionally edited video.

A wedding content creator, on the other hand focuses on creating content that may include shorter highlight videos, teasers, and social media-friendly snippets.

Equipment used:

Videographers usually create films with professional cameras, stabilisers, and audio equipment to ensure the highest video and sound quality possible.

Content creators often use smartphones or other similar devices to record and capture moments that are easily transferred online to social platforms.

What couples receive:

Videographers often provide a wedding film that showcases the entire day, ranging from 20 to 60 minutes in length. They often will also film and edit the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance too.

Content creators often offer shorter, shareable videos, teaser trailers, and social media-ready clips.


Videographers spend many hours and days on editing, creating a stunning cinematic experience. This includes colour correction and audio editing.

Content creators are brilliant for creating short, simple films that can be quickly turned around, often within 24 hours so that couples can share the videos quickly..


Choosing between a wedding videographer and a wedding content creator ultimately depends on the preference of the couple. Hopefully the above descriptions will help in deciding which is more suited to the wedding you wish to capture.

As wedding videographers, we would love to talk to you about your big day and your wedding plans. If you would like to see some of our example wedding films, you can view these throughout our site and on our wedding video gallery page.

For any further information, please do get in touch.


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