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Cinematic wedding films

Originally wedding films were recorded on large and bulky video cameras and the results were long, slow paced records of the day. Often the style was to film large portions of the events with static wide shots that didn’t cut away or engage the viewer.


During the passing years and with the introduction of newer, light-weight equipment, wedding videographers are now able to create films that are designed to look ‘film-like’. With cinematic films the importance is the story telling, quality of the shot and composition of the image. 


Cinematic wedding films are montage based and creative in style and editing. These type of wedding films can also include the use of various portable and discreet camera rigs and stabilisers in order to add to the look and feel of the footage which mimics many of the movements that can be seen on TV or films.

At W4 Wedding Films we are interested in creating a film that you will want to watch time and again rather than watching it once and putting it up in the loft!  Our wedding films focus on your day as a couple and we use camera composition techniques, sound, editing, camera movement, colour grading and sound mixing all combined together to help capture this. We don’t just merely turn up and film lots of static shots in real time, but we want to look for the creative, beautiful angles and compositions that help to best reflect your big day. 


Of course we don't want to turn your wedding into a film set, so we prefer to film unobtrusively without setting up shots or arranging you or your guests. In this way we can capture those specials moments and allow you and your friends and family to enjoy the day.


We believe that cinematic wedding films are the best way to capture your wedding, they are much more than a simple record of your day, we believe they help tell the couple’s individual story and the moments that make up their wedding celebration.


You can see on our video gallery page some examples of our work which and also a full length wedding film example.

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