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What is a cinematic wedding film?

Cinematic Wedding Films

‘Old School’ wedding videos were created using large bulky video cameras, often with huge obtrusive lights attached onto and the couple were given a VHS. The quality of the footage could sometimes be very poor, non-HD, shaky, long static shots and altogether very uninspiring and hardly something you would watch time and again.

In the last few years, the cinematic wedding film has become the norm for wedding videographers. The growth in the technology and the expertise of the filmmakers have allowed for wedding films to mimic the look of TV and movies. Camera stabilisers, glide-cams, dolly tracks and the amount of editing software available means wedding videos can have amazing production values.

This is important as we believe it’s this ‘film-like’ look coupled with the story telling and composition of the images that create an engaging film that you will want to watch for years to come. We want you to be proud of your wedding film and for it to not only reflect your day, but also your story as a couple.

Wedding videos have come a long way in recent years and during this time we have been lucky enough to win awards from the Institute of Videography and we have also been voted the most popular videographer in London and Surrey by the Wedding Industry Experts Awards.

You can view more information about W4 Wedding Films and see some examples of our work at

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