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Why hire a wedding videographer?

Many couples are unsure about hiring a wedding videographer for many reasons. There are many companies in London, Surrey and the UK producing wedding films and videos and it's essential that you find the filmmaker that is right for you on your big day.

Here are a few points to consider:

1. Make sure you view examples of their work. Every film maker has a different style and so you'll want to make sure that you watch their films to make sure that you like the wedding videos that they produce.

2. Find out what equipment they use. In order to get the best possible wedding film it's important that your videographer is using the right equipment. We use the Canon C100 a professional super sensor cinema camera, with a range of prime and zoom lenses. A videographer should also be using dedicated sound recorders to capture the best sound. Again at W4 Wedding Films we use several audio recording sources, including lapel mics, field recorders and shotgun mics.

3. Look for film makers who are able to shoot on more than one camera and more than one camera operator. A lot happens at a wedding and they are fast moving days, you want to make sure the filmmaker can capture it all.

4. Ask your videographer what their approach is to filming wedding films. Are they reportage and discreet, or do they tend to take a more directorial approach, using interview techniques and styling in order to get the shots they want? It is your day, and you need to feel comfortable with your videographer.

8. Most important of all, make sure whoever you choose to do your wedding is someone that you will be happy to be there on your special day.

We would like to think that W4 Wedding Films meets all of these points and we can produce a beautiful bespoke film of your wedding day. We would be very happy to discuss any questions you may have. In the meantime you may be interested in view our about us page which should help you understand a little more about how we work.

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