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Botleys Mansion Wedding Video | W4 Wedding Films | Surrey Videography

We have been recommended wedding videographers at Botleys Mansion for many years now and we always are excited to film weddings at this amazing venue.

We wanted to create a short montage of some of our more recent weddings to showcase the venue and also highlight how the venue can be changed or adapted depending of each couples various needs.

For example couples can choose to hold their ceremony in one of three different areas of the mansion. The Green Room upstairs has capacity for up to 131 guests and is light and airy and boasts fantastic acoustics. However, couples may prefer to say their vows downstairs in the Atrium. This used to be an outside courtyard, however, in 2009 Harper venues added a roof and this space then became a grand room with a stunning staircase perfect for the bridal party to make their entrance. Finally during the summer months the Temple Garden can be used to hold an outdoor wedding.

Of course there are also options for couples when it comes to the wedding breakfast and evening party. The upper floors, Green Room, Atrium and the Temple Wing can all be used a different times to make your day truly special and unique.

Fireworks are often a wonderful way to surprise your guests or end the evening in a very special way. The backdrop of this impressive mansion also adds to the grander of the moment and we love filming this part of the evening, we really recommend fireworks at Botleys Mansion.

Below you can see a short montage that covers some of this moments and more. This also includes some of our drone footage, you can read more about our drone videography at weddings here. Of course if you have any questions about wedding videography at Botleys Mansion, please do get in touch.

One extra tip from us: If you have chosen Botleys Mansion as your Surrey wedding venue, don’t forget they often hold their ‘Wedding Wednesday’ planning meetings. This is a great way to visit the venue and talk through ideas for the big day.

Botleys Mansion Wedding Videographer


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