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Wedding films on USB: A videographers opinion

We deliver all of our wedding films as a digital file on USB and we believe that this is the best way to not only watch your wedding film but also future proof it for years to come.

We film in full HD 1080p, with a lot of effort put into the colour grading and maintaining the sharpness of the image. Unfortunately by their nature DVDs can only show films back in Standard Definition (SD) and therefore you would never be able to watch your film back as crisp as when it was first filmed and edited by the wedding videographer.

Bluray discs are able to show footage in HD, however, not everybody has or wants a Bluray player and there is also the worry of scratching the disc or the degradation of the Bluray over time. The best way to watch back full HD films and to keep it safe for the future is to have a digital file of the wedding film.

With a USB couples are now able to easily watch their film back on their computer and TVs with a compatible connection for years to come.

For more information about our USBs or wedding films, please visit

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