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Aerial Drone Wedding Videography in Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire

We are proud to now offer fantastic aerial wedding videography using our fully licensed drone.

We have full permission from the CAA to offer drone footage in our wedding films. Below you can view a short teaser, which showcases some of the clips we are able to get using drones.

Footage is usually taken of the venue and surrounding landscapes to really showcase where you chose to marry. You can also choose to have parts of the drinks reception filmed via drone which really offers a unique viewpoint of this part of the day.

Drones are becoming more and more commonplace in wedding videography. However, please do bear in mind that it is now a legal requirement for all professional wedding videographers to have permission from the CAA in order to use drones for commercial purposes. Many venues are asking to see this permission, alongside specialist drone insurance and the completion of a risk assessment of the area before flying. Please be rest assured that W4 Wedding Films have the requisite permission and insurance to use drones at weddings.

It is of course possible that drones can’t be used at every wedding, due to either the weather or restrictions that the venue or local airspace put in place. Please do check with your venue that drones are permissible if you are interested in using them. Any kind of rain or strong winds mean it will not be possible to fly, however, W4 Wedding Films will refund you for this part of the filming if we are unable to get any footage due to poor weather conditions.

Please take a moment to view the short film below, of course if you have any questions about aerial videography at weddings, please do get in touch.

Drone Video of horsley towers


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