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Oatlands Park Wedding Videographer | Weybridge, Surrey | W4 Wedding Films

We were thrilled to be the wedding videographers at Oatlands Park, Surrey for Roshni and Sam’s fusion wedding. As videographers we love the opportunity to capture wedding ceremonies of different cultures and with Roshni and Sam’s, we captured both their Hindu ceremony in the morning, followed by an English civil ceremony in the afternoon. The day began early outside the hotel, with the Jaan, where the groom arrives in procession with his family and groomsmen, surrounded by drummers and with the lively crowd around him dancing and clapping. They gradually make their way to the hotel entrance, where they are greeted by Roshni’s family and friends. The drummers lead them into the ceremony room, the Mulberry room of the hotel, and the Hindu then begins to take place, first with the groom and then with the bride once she has arrived and walked down the aisle. There was lots of opportunity after the ceremony for photos with the bride and groom and then guests were treated to a buffet lunch whilst more photos took place. After lunch the bride and groom left in the wedding car together, another important part of the Hindu ceremony in which traditionally the bride would have been saying goodbye to her family to begin her new life with her husband. Roshni and Sam returned in their wedding car and had time to get ready and changed from their traditional Hindu wedding outfits to traditional English white wedding dress and morning suit. The ceremony room was transformed and decorated with flowers and a string quartet played as Roshni walked down the aisle, to have the civil ceremony officiated by a local registrar. Later in the evening both the bridal party and the groomsmen performed choreographed dance routines to the crowd, which were very popular! It was great fun to capture these dances which were performed in a ‘dance off’ style one after the other. This really got the party going and we were able to get some great shots of everyone dancing the night away. We loved all the different elements to Roshni and Sam’s day, it makes for a fun and colourful wedding film, and some special memories to look back on for the happy couple.

You can see below a short highlights film from the day. Of course if you would like more information about wedding videography at Oatlands Park, please do let us know.

Oatlands Park Wedding Videographer


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