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Farnham Castle | Wedding Video | W4 Wedding Films

As wedding videographers, Farnham Castle in Surrey is one of our favourite venues, and we are pleased to film several weddings there every year. It is truly unique and you can live out your fairytale wedding dream within its stone walls. Our montage film features weddings from all seasons at the castle. From a cosy Christmas wedding with twinkly lights and cinnamon sticks, to the glorious summer where couples made the climb up to the castle keep to make the most of the breathtaking views over the Surrey hills. At all times of year, the castle has something to offer and whether you get married in the lantern hall or the Norman chapel, you and your guests will have a wonderful day. Bridal preparation shots begin in the Gatehouse, followed by walking over to the main castle, escorted by the bridal party. After the ceremony, we love capturing a confetti shot of the happy couple walking down the Foxes steps together. The Great hall is grand and elegant for guests to enjoy the amazing food at the castle. We love capturing the dancing in the evening and the hall has lots of great spots that we can film from. Every wedding at Farnham Castle is different and we love seeing how couples put their own stamp on the day. Enjoy some of our favourite moments from our wedding films there.

Please take a moment to watch the film below. It's a montage of some of our favourite moments at Farnham Castle.

Farnham Castle Wedding Videography
A famous face at Farnham Castle!


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