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Wedding Videographer | Northbrook Park

We love being wedding videographers at Northbrook Park. All the rooms are light and airy and look great on camera whatever the weather, and the gardens with their resident peacocks and water features are truly beautiful. The weddings we have filmed have ranged at different times of year and different cultures’ styles, from Chinese lanterns and tea ceremonies, to Pakistani decor and dress to Greek money dancing. It’s all included in our short video montage of highlights at Northbrook. We love the reaction of Pasha, our groom, as he sees his bride Rebecca for the first time. Of course, the peacocks make an appearance too, as they always do at the weddings we film there! There are plenty of photo opportunities too and we enjoy taking a sunset stroll for some ‘golden hour’ shots by the duck pond and at the front of the magnificent house. Enjoy this short montage of our Northbrook Park highlights. Of course please do let us know if you have any further questions about wedding videography at Northbrook Park.

wedding videographer using a drone at northbrook park


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