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Micro Wedding Videographer

A videographer's guide to micro weddings

bride and groom kissing on a bridge at their micro wedding

Weddings are so unique and personal, no two are the same, many couples may choose to hold weddings with fewer than 20 guests, which are known as micro weddings. This kind of smaller more intimate wedding might be the preference for a couple or they may be unfortunately required to hold a smaller wedding due to government restrictions due to COVID. We know as wedding videographers, micro weddings can be wonderful, special and memorable days which truly focus on the couple and their marriage.

If you are in the difficult position of deciding whether to hold a micro wedding as your big day has been sadly affected by COVID, we want you to know that these smaller days can still be spectacular and beautiful. Whilst it may not be the wedding you originally planned for, we believe you can and will still have a wonderful day.

Since March 2020 we have been privileged to create wedding videos for micro weddings in Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. Each one has been fun, emotional and every bit as special as a ‘traditional’ wedding, we would like to share some of our thoughts about this new type of wedding.

The benefits of a micro wedding

Obviously at present, micro weddings may be the only form of wedding able to take place over the next few weeks and months. Hopefully this will change soon and couples can continue to have the large, epic and lavish weddings of their dreams. But for some couples even without Coronavirus, they may still be very keen to hold a smaller more relaxed celebration.

Before the pandemic, back in 2018 micro weddings were becoming the fastest growing trend in the US due to the benefits of holding a smaller wedding.

The cost of a micro wedding can of course be drastically less than a larger day which is of course a massive positive for many. However, for couples looking to indulge the guests at their micro wedding, they can really spoil them with the venue, destination, food and drink and still pay the same or less as they would if they were inviting 100 or more guests.

Perhaps one of the largest benefits of a micro wedding is that the day becomes more relaxed and intimate. It focuses on the couple and their nearest and dearest, this means there is more time to savour the moment, speak properly with people and take in the day. As wedding videographers, this is often something we see, a Bride and Groom kindly trying to say hello to all their many guests and they then unfortunately miss some parts of their day or don’t get a chance to speak to everyone for long enough.

Couples can also choose what they want included in the day with a micro wedding, if for example they are not keen on cutting a cake or holding formal speeches then they can easily leave these out as there isn’t as much of a formal structure as more traditional weddings often have.

bride and groom standing in corn field kissing during their micro wedding

Planning for a micro wedding

Whether couples have their hearts set on an intimate wedding or adapting their postponed wedding due to Coronavirus there are some things to think about when planning a micro wedding.

Perhaps the most daunting task is the guest list, if couples have lots of family and friends this can be a really difficult choice. One great idea is to concentrate on family and hold a big party with everyone else when it’s possible. Most people understand at the moment that there are difficult choices to be made and that not everyone can be invited. People will understand.

As wedding videographers we of course believe that you should find a filmmaker to capture the day. As it may not be possible to invite every guest, it’s important that the wedding is documented and recorded for friends and family to watch who sadly couldn’t attend. At W4 Wedding Films we are experienced in filming intimate weddings and will always record the ceremony in its entirety alongside the main wedding film which showcases the rest of the wedding day.

wide shot of millbridge court wedding venue in surrey

Another big task is to find the right venue. Not all wedding venues are perfect for a micro wedding as they may be too big or simply don’t suit the more relaxed atmosphere that a smaller wedding can often have. If a couple do have their heart set on a larger venue, like the impressive Farnham Castle in Surrey, they can always hold their wedding breakfast in one of the more intimate rooms which they may feel more suitable.

Here is a list of some venues which we recommend for micro weddings:

Surrey micro wedding venues

Berkshire micro wedding venues

Hampshire micro wedding venues

Buckinghamshire micro wedding venues

The most important thing to remember when planning a micro wedding is that the most important part of the day is the couple and their happiness. There are lots of stresses when planning a wedding but due to current events many brides and grooms just want to get married and they can always have their big party at a later date.

If you are interested in wedding videography for a micro wedding, please do get in touch and we wish you the best of luck with your planning.


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